Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A China Holiday: Day Six: Wall Comma Great

It was Monday, according to the elevator...Great Wall Day! We were driven to the Mutianyu section of the wall on a glorious (if quite chilly) autumn day.
This map indicates the wall and its "gates" (the enclosed structures for soldiers). We walked from where the cable car photos is up to where the last photo on the left is situated...
This sign reads: The Best Cable Car of the Great Wall.
And here are the cable cars themselves {gulp}.
And behold: The Great Wall. So magnificent, words aren't really necessary...

This beagle was on the wall ahead of us with his family...brave little dog!

This is the last section--quite a steep climb, let me tell you!
The view from the top...
In addition to the dog, there was a donkey. On the Great Wall. Did he have to ride the cable cars up like we did?
Brrr...there were patches of ice on the wall, too, which made walking a bit precarious. None of us fell down, though...
This sign is quite funny..."While the telpher [?] is shutting down in special circumstances for a long time, please wait patiently and follow the staff's arrangement." OK! Also? No fireworks are allowed on the cable cars, so don't even think about bringing your bottle rockets.
The sign next to the camel (not on the wall, at the bottom of it) reads: "Taking pictures of the camel is not free." Wanna bet?
The usual retail opportunities...

An amazing, glorious, once-in-a-lifetime experience...indescribable, really.

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JuJu said...

Just looking at these pictures made my thighs start to chafe.

You are so tricky getting that camel photo!! Well done!!!


I've reerid two chil'ren and loads of animals, and still don't know what I'm doing!