Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a Card-Carrying Elvis Fanatic and Proud of It!

Today, 34 years, ago, Elvis died...RIP, Elvis Aron.
But he lives on, of course...(and no, that's not my bedroom!)
If you can't make it to the real Graceland in Memphis, hop on down to Holly Springs, Mississippi, to visit Graceland, Too. Above is Paul McLeod, the sole proprietor and um, tour guide. It is an experience like no other, trust me. Poignant, creepy, sad, funny, weird, amazing--all rolled into one.

These photos were taken on our trip 10 years ago to Graceland and Graceland, Too (and the World's Largest Yard Sale on Route 127, from Chattanooga up to the top of Kentucky. It was an epic road trip!)

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