Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Excellent Autumn Outing

Last Saturday Miss Robin (of Various and Sunday fame) and I took a girls' road trip to Valley Center. We loaded up with supplies (lattes and scones) and drove 45 minutes or so to a marvelous place: Matilda's Mouse. It was my first time, but Robin has been there before. Love it! (This is where I bought my sweet-but-doomed birds' nest.)
Meet Matilda. She's dressed up for Halloween as Dr. Matilda. She is rather old, so she was asleep much of the time (sweet girl!).
Every square inch of the barn/shop was decorated for Halloween--cute, spooky, clever, creepy.
Then we went to another barn/shop, Barntique, run by a very nice mother and daughter team. They had darling dogs...
And horses.
We stopped at the feed store--as you do...and I was mighty tempted by these chicks, only $2.50 each! (Please, honey, please?)
And of course, one must stop at a farm stand...

A very fun day was had by all--thanks a bunch, Miss R.!


Kathryn said...

OOOOO! That looked like an excellent day indeed! Halloween is my very fav of all holidays! Where are these shops located? I would love to visit them when I get to CA. Bet their Christmas displays are just as fantastic!

Robin said...

It WAS so fun! Loved your photo montage. :)