Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Randomness

Hello! That's all I've got for today...hope your Tuesday is/was great!

Perhaps ice cream or cocktails were involved? Perhaps an ice cream cocktail?


vivi said...

Oh, Yum!! Margarita ice cream!! I'll have a pint, please. XOXO

Andy's Attic said...

She is so CUTE!!

JuJu said...

I had neither. I had a crappy salad and some protein shakes.
Yes, I'm crabby. I'm dieting. (but I did have some almonds on your recommendation! (why does that look spelled wrong?)

But, I do love this little lady.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ice cream cocktail. That has real appeal. Maybe B can work on that for my next visit!


shari said...

sounds delicious! did you make that darling dolly? my tuesday was spent watching the fairy grand-daughter and holding her new baby brother!! woo hoo!! happy grandma!