Thursday, May 23, 2013

Party On

Are you ready for the long weekend? These teens are...look at the guy with the kerchief and guitar (I do love the red-and-white cups, I have to say). Of course, this comes from a--wait for it--Carnation booklet, full of tips for teens.
I'm hard at work on that elephant cake...come on over for a cookout, won't you please? Tofu hot dogs for everyone!


vivi said...

Those were the days!!! A holiday always had a party! (And they were lots of work, but worth it!) XOXO

JuJu said...

I know I loved Carnation milk when I was a teen...

Dude with the kerchief is also wearing overalls. He is FINE.

Have a super duper weekend. Be sure to share a bit of tofu dog with TM!