Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Le Bibliothèque

 On Saturday--a perfectly beautiful blue-sky day--we got all dressed up like grown-ups and went to the grand opening/dedication ceremony for our new downtown Central Library. It's fancy!
 The dome, which deservedly just won a national engineering award. This library is more than 500,000 square feet, twice the size of the one it has replaced.
 The 7th and 8th floors are a charter high school...wow, can you imagine going to school here?
 It has nice lines and shadows!
 The interim mayor, Todd Gloria (we had a spot of bother with the previous mayor...). The city librarian, Deborah Barrow, is seated to his left; Kevin Faulconer, who would like to become the next mayor, is to his right.
 The architect, Rob Wellington Quigley.
And Ms. Senior San Diego, Michele McDougal, was there, in her tiara and sash! There's hope for me yet!

We didn't get to go inside because the wait was an hour long...and we had somewhere else to be--tune in tomorrow!

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Andy's Attic said...

What a lovely library! Glad to know we are still building them since books are one of my favorite things!!