Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prize Winners

The picture below is the reason there was no blog post yesterday...these freakishly hot temps (plus a bizarro thunderstorm) caused a massive brown-out that turned into a blackout. We had no power and so I could not blog. Boo!

If you are wildly grossed out by insects, you may not want to continue--lots of photos of tomato hornworms ahead.

 These are HUGE! I'm thinking of entering them into the livestock competition at the county fair.

 Hello there!
 Not too attractive from this angle, but I think their bodies are amazing and quite beautiful.
 These are some small fries also chowing down...not sure what they are...

And this is their handiwork: a totally denuded tomato plant. I had no luck growing tomatoes this year, and this plant has been hanging on but not producing, so I just let them go at it. I figure I've helped the next generation of the Manduca quinquemaculata moth--which these will turn into--thrive. Eat on, dudes!


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I can see some beauty in them but it still isn't my cup of tea. sorry about the tomatoes. Your temps have been awful. We are supposed to hit 88 on Sunday but it is raining today.