Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baby McSkunkerson...

...was stuck in a rat trap. Poor little thing somehow got its front leg stuck in the side of this rat trap--not a snap trap, it's the kind that has poison inside--and was desperately trying to get it off (including chewing on its leg).

I called Animal Control but couldn't wait (doctor appointment); they did come, and they did free the little one and took it away (some plumbers working nearby gave me the details). Yay for Animal Control, who actually came relatively quickly (and left me a message saying they were on their way after a stop at a vet office). And a shout-out to Miss Robin from Various and Sunday--we are longstanding partners-in-crime when it comes to rescuing animals!

I hope little Monsieur LePew is resting safely somewhere tonight. Poor baby. Skunks are actually very cute! (And even if they weren't, every living thing deserves to be treated with kindness.)

Be well, little McSkunkerson!

1 comment:

vivi said...

Ah, my little foziewisp! There's an adventure
around every corner for her sweet heart.