Monday, June 26, 2017

Uh Oh (Maybe)

This is a small-ish bundle of bees (not in my yard) in the 'hood, up about 10 feet in this plant; the plant is right at the street where people walk. At first I thought it was just a swarm (when a queen and workers split off from a colony and go out in search of a new home; this usually takes just a few days. They are protecting a young queen in the middle of that ball).

Y'all know I love bees and am fascinated by them, but this looks like potential trouble to me: if they were just swarming and resting on the way to make a hive somewhere, I'm not sure they would be making combs. This has been here for about 5 days. On the other hand, this leaf is out in the open with no overhead protection and doesn't seem like a good place for them to settle, so maybe they are just swarming?

Methinks I will go let the homeowner know this is there--the house is not close to this plant, and they may not walk by it--and give them the name of a beekeeper who can come and remove this.

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Anonymous said...

Um ... yikes?!