Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two Fun Things I'll Definitely Do Again (Props to David Foster Wallace)

When your friend comes to town, you also might consider playing mini golf--we did!
 Alas, this was the only hole with a moving object.
 And we won't discuss how politically incorrect some of these "tikis" actually are...

 It was fun...and I actually won. Which is amazing considering I have NO hand/eye coordination whatsoever.
 And then: BOWLING! I love the smell, the noise, just everything. I am a terrible, terrible bowler, but it was really fun (and tiring! And my legs, butt, and right thumb hurt the next day). I will consider it a successful bowling excursion the day I do not have any gutter balls. BTW, I did NOT win at bowling (see aforementioned gutter balls). Next time!
 The day was capped off with beers at Societe. A very fun day indeed!

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