Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Friends and Old (L.A. Chapter)--And a Warning: Head-Exploding Cuteness Ahead

We had lunches, brunches, and dinners with old and dear friends; if only the drive up to L.A. were just a LITTLE bit shorter . . . or if only someone would perfect teleportation, perhaps.

And we met a new friend (here comes the head-exploding cuteness--you have been warned).
This is Ike. He is a five-month-old chocolate Boston Terrier. Did your head explode?

How about now? Good grief!

[Edited to add: I feel that I must emphasize that my own darling girl, Miss Tallulah Mae, makes my head explode daily with her cuteness . . . just ask B., who is constantly being harangued to look at her.]

1 comment:

Robin said...

Kabooooooooom! There went my head! Such chocolatey cuteness!