Thursday, May 22, 2008


Robin (of Various and Sunday fame) and I took a walk around Balboa Park today, in part because she was kind enough to drive me to drop off some work (ugh) and partly because we were itching for a change of scenery for our weekly walks. We saw some homeless folks, some gorgeous jacaranda trees, the Marston House...and SKWERLS! First off, the little guy above had scored a whole slice of what looked like Wonder Bread. Yay!

Then we noticed--I was doubled over with laughter, I must say--that another squirrel also had the makings of a sammy. This is the sandwich tree . . . Squirrel #1 is about a fourth of the way across the tree branch, while squirrel #2 is just to the left of the lightpost. If only they'd shared...a complete sandwich would have happened. (There was another little dude there who looked at us as if to say, "Where's MY bread, yo!" )

Comedy quickly turned to horror as we realized that this field of grass was COVERED with ground squirrels--my little digi camera can't capture the number of rodentia here. We kept imagining one of them giving the signal and then ATTACK. Hey, I've seen The Birds...

I think this might be the Leader of Operation Ground Squirrel: She's all, "What are YOU looking at?!"

There was this dapper little fellow--note the left arm across the chest. His name must be Nigel, because I'm sure he speaks in a British accent.
"Cor blimey!"

Finally, we encountered Marge here. She is either in the family way or has been hitting the M&Ms and Cheetos (warning: Cheetos site makes a LOT of noise). Look at her little front arms--they're T. Rex arms!


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Robin said...

I can soooooo (!!!) attest to the hilarity of this world of skwerls!!! It was so funny! They were freaking everywhere - digging and running and sprinting and standing up on their hind quarters. It was strange! Some of them, namely Nigel and Marge, DID seem as if they were trying to communicate. Um, or draw us closer so they could ATTACK! What skwerly fun!