Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Insects on Parade: Tuesday

Check out Miss Bee here--she's COVERED, head to toe (as it were) with pollen from sunflowers in my cutting garden. Usually I see bees with the sacs on their back legs full of yellow or orangey pollen, but I've never seen one with it all over her body and wings. Cute, no? (Bonus: little yellow inchworms sharing the space with her!)
Action shot!


Robin said...

Oh wow! How cute is that? What a pollenicious shot! I could just pop it in my mouth - oh the healing properties of bee pollen! Not really!

JuJu said...

Excellent photo! And, your sunflowers (and the BEE) are gorgeous!

DD said...

Hi Sherri. I just love your insect photos! Not sure if you know about an amazing exhibit at MOPA--The Theater of Insects. Haven't been yet but I plan to go soon. The photographer also has an amazing book of the same title.