Friday, May 1, 2009

Tallulah-Palooza Friday

This is Tallulah Mae's sad face...this might mean "Please, m'am, may I have your Starbucks cup so that I may lick out the foamy dregs" or "Have you forsaken me? Isn't it way past time to go for a walk?" or (most likely) "FEED ME!!!" It usually works, too...she IS named after Tallulah Bankhead, after all! This oh-so-sad face gets results almost every time.

(She's also named after Mother Maybelle Carter, BTW--and while she's quite a singer, she hasn't yet learned how to do the Carter scratch technique on the guitar...but give her time.)


vivi said...

ORRRRR I want to see my grandma and grandpa---pleeeeeaze. love & kisses

JuJu said...

Or, Pleasssssssse take me for a walk? Or, why are you leaving me?

One of our cats loves to lick the coffee lid! (another thing we have in common, eh??!)


Stephanie said...

Oh my T.M. you are sooo neglected, imagine that Mommy not giving you the Starbucks foam, I mean really!!

Sherri, does T.M. like yogurt? Try her, cause Lolls LOVES it!!