Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I heart this sign for KSandwiches for two reasons: one, the "i" is dotted with a star (takes me back to my sixth-grade class, where our teacher made us all use first-grader paper and trace our letters to relearn cursive because we were dotting our "i"s with hearts and stars and smiley faces--all of this on pink and purple notebook paper, mais oui. Also, while she was a nice teacher, she really did resemble Benjamin Franklin in a faux Chanel suit.); two, and most importantly, the "K" is made up of baguettes (at first I thought they were hot dogs, which would have been way cool). Even so, love it!

I haven't eaten there, but the menu looks interesting--Vietnamese sandwiches and boba.


JuJu said...

Oh, you must go there and report back on the food! AND the menu. I wonder if it is as "flowery?"

sharu said...

If I was your teacher, I would have given you extra credit for the creativity of dotting with stars, hearts and smiley faces! and what, pray tell, might "boba" be?

shari said...

what does it mean if you spell your own name wrong?!?! and how do i get my picture to show up on your followers list?