Thursday, September 10, 2009

And for My Next Trick (Said the Magician)...

"I need a few volunteers from the audience," said the Great Doggini, who was wearing a marvelous cape with dog bones all over it. Tallulah Mae wasn't too sure...Stanley eagerly raised his paw and jumped up on stage: he had volunteered to be "cut in two" by the magician. Tallulah Mae held the star-spangled curtain as the magic wand was waved. Abracadabra! {Gasps from the crowd! Look at Stanley! He's appears to be in two pieces!

Then: "Shazam!" bellowed the magician, and Stanley appeared, good as new and in one sweet tail-wagging piece. Yay, Stanley {clap clap clap}.

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Stephanie said...

HA LOL, this reminds me of Lolly, she likes to crawl under the ottoman with her back end "Lolly shanks" peeking out. Gee Stanley is one amazing dog, and of course MISS T.M., what a team!!