Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Charlotte and Her Web

I find spiders utterly fascinating...as long as they are not in my house or weaving webs that I have to walk through. And they're really beneficial out in the garden.

This is some kind of orb weaver...(don't click on that link if you're arachnophobic---BIG pix of spiders!).

We had a bunch of these out in our lavender plants a few years ago, and since we didn't particularly want them there, we caught them in a jar and let them go in a canyon down the block. This one is not in my yard...she was hanging off of a tree in a neighbor's yard.


Libby Buttons said...

EEeeeeeeeek! They are beneficial and lovely when not in the house.

JuJu said...

Down here in the south, we call em "banana spiders." We've had a lovely one in our backyard all summer. I am so amazed at their webs! Just last week, we noticed she was gone.
Sniff Sniff I miss her!