Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I (Really Really) Heart Cafeterias

OMG, y'all, check it OUT: a tray full of yumminess from the cafeteria line. Oh yeah! Yes, that is macaroni and cheese, and yes, those ARE two pieces of pie. Don't judge me (ha!)!
And even though the photo is blurry, behold the blue jello in a fluted bowl (hi, Vivi!). That's what I'm talkin' about!

Hip hip hooray for the good old-fashioned cafeteria!


JuJu said...

We have a cafeteria near our office,and I don't miss "chicken n dumplings" day. I love getting everything in the individual bowls. It just appeals to my anal retentive side!

And, the blue jello is so c-o-o-l!!!

Robin said...

I'm hungry just looking at that tray of delights! I want details! Hope you have had a chance to rest up from your excursion. Bye for now!