Monday, May 17, 2010

A Doggy Line-up

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Check out the sweet doggy line-up I encountered on Saturday at a coffee shop. At the far end we have Bongo. In the middle? Fiona. Closest to me (and so large I couldn't fit him into the photos with the others)? Sir Reginald Fiddle-Faddle. (All names are aliases...I have no idea what these dogs' names really are!). So sweet...Tallulah Mae would have dragged the tables and chairs out into the street several times over had she been tied up like this--she's, um, how shall I put it? Exuberant! Full of joie de vivre! Um, slightly insane (but totally lovable, always!).


Kathryn said...

HA! Sir Reginald Fiddle-Faddle! Perfect!!!

JuJu said...

That is quite the crew! I love them all.

Rockett and TM would have destroyed the tables and all the easy going doggies. :-)

Umma crafty squirrel said...

I love how you describe you dog and five random names to the others ROFL. I of course haveto join your blog because you just crack me up.