Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Stare deeply into your screen...can you see me on the other side? I'm doing the happy dance because of what's in this cardboard box I received in the mail the other day.
It's a box o'vintage-y goodness from Mitzi over at Mitzi's Collectibles blog. Can you believe it? How ever did I get so lucky?! Included in this lovely wooden drawer were:
Pretty buttons (and lordy I LURVE me some buttons!).
Gorgeous vintage seed packets...
This darling fellow/ cute!Yo-yos! And check out Mitzi's darling tag up there...A handmade pendant made of sweet wallpaper scrap...
Here it all is as it came out of the drawer...each thing sweetly packaged.

And as wonderful as it was to win a blog giveaway, even MORE wonderful is meeting new bloggy friends. Mitzi has such a cute blog--go on, I'll wait while you check it out!--and she wrote such sweet things about me and my blog (and Tallulah Mae). It's corny but true--the blogosphere is such a warm community! I've made some other blog friends just from winning Mitzi's giveaway, too (hi Kathryn and Kathryn's daughter; hi Andy; hi Suzie Q). So much generosity of spirit...thank you Mitzi, and thank ALL of you who pop in here occasionally--your comments make my day.


Andy's Attic said...

Your treasures from Mitzi are super great!! It really is fun finding new blogger buddies!!

Mitzi Curi said...

Sherri, you are a most gracious winner, and I want to thank you for all of the kind words in this blog post. I'm so glad I discovered your blog! You have a special touch.....a sense of fun and humor that I really enjoy.

JuJu said...

Oh, how sweet. I love all your goodies. I think my favorite is the pendant.

I will have to go check out Mitzi, as just these items make me love her already!

Robin said...

What a sweet haul!

Kathryn said...

So happy for you!!!! Great yummies!
Thanks for the mention! We "kooks" and I mean that in the best possible way, must stick together!