Monday, March 7, 2011

A China Holiday: Wrapping Up, Part One

After all these months, I realized that I never finished blogging about our trip to China. This is the last day...we visited the Summer lovely.
Lots of guards around that day because Silvio Belusconi was visiting, all the way from Italy.
Elderly men use giant brushes to practice their calligraphy in water on the pavement.
We left the Summer Palace ... some wonderful signage...
In the afternoon, we went to a hutong area, full of tiny traditional residences situated behind doors and along narrow alleys (hutong means "alley"). There are not many of these areas left...and in fact, I read an article about how some of them have been torn down and rebuilt to attract tourists. Our driver tried desperately to get us to agree to a bicycle rickshaw ride--absolutely not! We walked around for a little while...
Another wonderful day...our last in Beijing.


Robin said...

lovely photo montage there, china girl. i can smell the woks sizzling. ha!

JuJu said...

Did you go into the cafe with the WIFI?
I really enjoyed your trip to China! Boy, I bet you missed Tallulah Mae while gone. I always love seeing animals when traveling. It makes me feel closer (and yet miss them more) to mine!


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