Monday, March 28, 2011

OMG, Y'all!!!!

Check out this fabulousness that I got at an estate's a handmade Christmas carousel. The bottom is a wind-up music box; the different levels are styrofoam, as is the cone at top. And it is jam-packed with all of the little Christmas gew-gaws I love (remember my mantel filled with crazy Christmas Santas and elves like the little dudes on the top level. This is really almost a piece of folk art, I think. Someone made it with a lot of love (and glue!). And shiny stuff!

Alas, as you can see it is quite wonky and is starting to come apart.

I spotted it in the garage and asked how much it was, and I was told that someone else--in the garage--wanted to buy it. And she did, right in front of me!! The price was--wait for it--five dollars!!!! I HAD to have it, so I followed her into the house and bought it from her. As I was taking it out to my car, someone stopped on the street to look at it...
So much goodness on this piece!


Andy's Attic said...

That is such a unique item of decor! I would have grabbed it too.

Anonymous said...

love love love it! good score. D