Wednesday, June 15, 2011


MONSTER TRUCKS!!!! Oh yeah, baby! A stadium full of rip-roarin', ear-splitting, stinky MONSTER TRUCKS! The awesomeness was inner redneck came out in full force (and of course, I mean "redneck" in the very BEST way!)
Killer air, dude!
Cute truck! (It was a dog, complete with tail).
Really really REALLY oops! (No one was hurt, BTW).
Yeeeeee-HAW!The BEST saved for last: it's GRAVEDIGGER, the MOST awesome of the Monster Trucks. He won it all! And I have a T-shirt showing my allegiance to Gravedigger. Woo effin' HOOOOO!

You MIGHT be a redneck if: you go to a Monster Truck rally and scream until you're hoarse. Also, if you use lots of capital letters and exclamation points when writing about them. I'm just sayin'...

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JuJu said...

This is the Kentucky side of your personality, right? :-)

I like the doggy one!


I loved Lauren Bacalse and Humphrey Bogart.