Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ornamental Surprise

In the park for my weekly chatfest/dog walk with my friend, and I look up and see this: a decorated tree branch, hung from a tree branch (it's a bit hard to see, sorry--grey and cloudy day here). And hung quite high up, too--like long ladder high, almost hanging over the road. In other words, it was a bit of work to hang this up. Who? When? Why? Who knows...

Perhaps an ambitious SKWERL!!!!!! with a teeny-tiny hot glue gun bedazzled a branch for fun?


Andy's Attic said...

How fun is that?? I love it when I see a tree on the freeway decorated for Christmas or daffodil that bloom on the side of road. Someone is out there making other people happy! Your example takes the cake :>)

JuJu said...

Steven likes to do things like this to to our backyard. I always find surprises in our trees.

Maybe he took a roadtrip out your way when I wasn't looking?


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