Thursday, November 17, 2011


We interrupt the impending travelogue to bring you this: a person in a SKWERL!!!!!!! suit. Oh yes: a human-sized SKWERL--check out the tail; I think it's inflatable. Thank goodness Tallulah Mae can tell a real SKWERL from a fake one, or quite a scene would have ensued.

This person/SKWERL and friends seemed to be shooting a little film in the park...don't ask me!


JuJu said...

TM is WAY smarter than Rockett. She would have eaten this thing (?) alive.


Rockett does not tolerate social devialts.

shari said...

now THAT is disturbing! miss tallulah should have given him the bite just on principle! and i'm not against dressing up... but scary skwerl?!