Monday, January 2, 2012

What Did You Do on New Year's Eve?

First salad of butter lettuce, fresh herbs, goat cheese, and pecans; he: foie gras.
Second roasted beets and homemade ricotta (OMG yum); he: the same salad as above.
Third stuffed pepper and veggies (not terribly sucessful, alas; not bad, just not divine); he: pork belly.
Of course! Dessert chocolate tort; he: spiced pear bread pudding (his was better!). Dinner was at Urban Solace, one of our very fave places.
Home by 9 p.m. and in jammies to play Boggle (I won, amazingly), eat good chocolate, drink champagne, and wait for the ball to drop. Perfection!

How 'bout YOU?

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