Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Enjoyable Way to Spend an Afternoon

Isn't this quilt top pretty?

I quite enjoy pressing linens. The stack at top is destined for Etsy--they were washed, hung on the line to dry, then ironed. A good afternoon's work, indeed!

Don't bother to hit "Read More"--there IS no more, but stupid Blogger won't allow me to delete the jump break I accidentally inserted! ARGH! I only hope it's not something turned on forever...insert "Huge Sigh."


Colleen said...

TThe quilts are beautiful!

I don't see the jump break! You fixed it!

Lap Dog Knits said...

oh so pretty...for dopes like me...
are there instructions on youtube to buy on etsy??
isn't ironing relaxing?? with a spray bottle wearing an apron...?? beautiful fabrics all mixed together..

Kathryn said...

I do so love ironing. If some say weird I say nostalgic. If some say waste of time I say frugal. Above all I say satisfying! Gen X and Y will never get it.