Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Feature: SOP

I'm starting a new feature here at Foziewisp: I've dubbed it Summer of Productivity, or SOP. You see, I have a LOT of projects--some large, some small--that I never seem to accomplish, so I thought that if I put it out here on the blog, I might hold myself more accountable. Public shaming might work in my favor.

Here's how it will work: every Sunday I will pick a project then report back the next Sunday to see if any progress was made. Progress is the name of the game--not necessarily finishing something from start to finish, but at least doing SOMETHING...a journey of a thousand steps begins with one step etc. etc. There may be a few weeks where travel interferes, so I will cut myself some slack that week.

Because I prefer blog posts with pix, I will endeavor to illustrate a before and after (thus using up my ever-dwindling Picasa space, but oh well). If you'd like to join me and play along, feel free!

Week one: clearing off my desk and the area around it. I'm wading in...wish me luck! That rooster up there looks very concerned...

P.S. A few people wondered about the watering cans visible behind Tallulah Mae in Friday's post. Those are just a small collection of galvanized watering cans; I pick them up at sales whenever I find one for a reasonable price. We're a collecting bunch over here at Chez Foziewisp!


Andy's Attic said...

Good Luck!! I know I have a desk somewhere...

JuJu said...

Oh, good for you! I can't wait to hear about the cleaning process and see the end result!

And, I do love that cock.

Kathryn said...

I am going to join you on your journey. I've made my list. I will show you mine as "we" go along. Thanks for inspiring me. Oh, and my hubs thanks you too. (darn it all)
BTW I and Colleen (one of your followers) are starting a new blog together. I'll send you a link when it's up. Soon, my pretty.