Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day of Domesticity

Yesterday I sewed up a little drawstring bag out of brown linen and I made lemon coconut quick bread. Both activities were fun (though not totally successful: the little bag was not right for its intended purpose and the bread was a bit dry/overbaked [even though I followed the recipe exactly]). Oh's in the doing, right?


Kathryn said...

Live, learn and make adjustments. Now you know how to make them better (and your own) next time. So many of my recipes are altered versions, eh, it's what we real folks do.

Anonymous said...

A+++ for effort. B/xxx (Intended Recipient)

Andy's Attic said...

The fact that you sewed and cooked in the same day puts you waaaayyy
ahead of me!!! the bread looks yummy.

JuJu said...

You don't have to admit that stuff to us. I know I'm certainly impressed with the fact that you even attempted these things!
And, really, I'm impressed with the fact that you own a sewing machine!

vivi said...

Betty Maxine would be so proud of you (as am I)! It's fun some times to get away from the "tech" field in which we live! XOXO

Robin said...

Sounds wonderful, and just dunk that bread in some hot coffee! Yum!