Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seventies Sewing Sins

 Well, yes...
But if these are the results, maybe he shouldn't!!! (These are images from a vintage sewing book I have; I'm working on an upcoming post for my Etsy pattern team blog.)

Speaking of which, here's a fun blog post I did about mother/daughter patterns: Like Mother, Like Daughter (the Simplicity Way), and I also wrote three posts about prom dresses, if you're at all interested. Even if you don't sew, there are pretty pics of prom patterns--say THAT 3 times fast!

If you ARE into sewing or vintage patterns, Pattern Patter, the pattern team, is having an anniversary celebration tomorrow, and many shops are giving discounts. Find the list here. In my own pattern shop, Sew Betty and Dot, everything is 25% off through the weekend. Thus endeth the commercial interruption--now back to our regular programming.

I just had to share those poor hapless fellows up there...ah, the 1970s, I cherish you.

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