Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Under the Sea (Redux)

 Back to the aquarium (family in town).

Above are two wolf eels--the one on the right is pregnant, and apparently being upside down is soothing to her (awww...)
 Jellyfish (they are translucent--they are backlit to highlight their, um, internal organs?.
 Love the little fish looking out over whatever that is--it's a live organism (not a "plant,"' in other words) of some sort.
 I love the texture on this dude...
What?!? Dr. Seuss fish...

The Birch Aquarium is lovely and a must-see if you're ever in town--come visit!

1 comment:

JuJu said...

When I first looked at the fish looking over the organism, I thought it was an underground turkey.

And, yes, I did have on my glasses.

GREAT fish!