Monday, July 15, 2013


Buttons! A bracelet with bowling pins and a bowling ball! A sweet hand towel with a terrier!
Fab bottle cap trivet! Drink "wrap-arounds"! Happy smiling elephant squeaky toys!
Embroidery transfers! Doilies! A cosmetology textbook filled with marvelous images like those below!
A glamorous gal in a turban...
And this poor hirsute girl...she looks bummed out.
Four frosted state glasses! We're on our way to 50! Two lidded glass jars with cute animals!
Bunnies, people!

This was a fun vintage shopping weekend for us: on Saturday, we went to a garage sale up the street. These guys have a yearly garage sale, always filled with fun things...and it was all half price (plus, we're their neighbors and they like us, so prices are always great).

On Sunday we went to the San Diego Vintage Flea Market, only the third one they've had. Lots of fun, nice and small and filled with good things. We're so used to estate and rummage sales that going to a flea market is a different experience. Most of these things will stay with me (mine mine, my precioussss). That bowling pin bracelet--LOVE!


Andy's Attic said...

You found great treasures. Will you wear the bracelet? I would! Love the bunnies, too.

Anonymous said...

Damn, too bad it wasn't THIS weekend!

vivi said...

WOW" Gorgeous stuff! That must have been such fun!! XOXO