Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I was standing on the back steps photographing the--wait for it--sunset this evening, and this hummingbird came in for a drink. Because it was the end of the day and of course it knew it needed to fill up before sunset, it actually let me stand pretty close to the feeder. You can see that it flashed its head at me in photo 2.

In photos 4 and 5, check out the little head on the other side. They RARELY share the feeder...the one on the other side looks slightly different: less squatty, longer neck; I'm not sure if it's a) a female; 2) a juvenile; or 3) another species. They played nicely--for about a minute.

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Annette said...

We have been bringing in the feeder at night so it doesn't freeze. In the morning they fight over it. We have at least two pair and they are a delight.