Monday, August 18, 2014

Mercantile Mix @ Mira-Dera

It was a perfect day at the first-ever Mercantile Mix @ Mira-Dera this past Saturday. Lovely weather, a great mix of vendors, and a wonderful group of visitors. It was great fun to see neighbors and friends, and we all enjoyed the food truck for a yummy lunch. A lot of work, but a heap o'fun, as well.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog who made it over to the sale (and an extra helping of thanks to those of you--you know who you are!--who purchased something from me.) You're all just swell!

And extra extra EXTRA thanks to B., who was of course a huge source of support throughout the process AND extremely helpful (and sweet: Starbucks delivery, twice!) on the day of the event.


carmendarlene said...

You know, we should have come later! I wanted to buy all the things! You had such great stuff - what a fun group of folks! I hope that the Mercantile Mix makes another appearance!

vivi said...

Oh, my! You did have a LOT of stuff. It was displayed beautifully. So much work!! XOXO, vivi.