Monday, August 11, 2014

Yay, Indeed!

From start to finish--the cute "Yay" on the envelope, the sweet little box, "mine" and "theirs" tabs, and the CARDS--my experience with Moo was fantastic. I love these mini-cards so much, I don't really want to give them out to anyone! So cool: 100 mini-cards, 100 different images of items from my two Etsy shops. LOVE!

I had them made to give out at the Mercantile Mix @ Mira-Dera, our fab pop-up shop coming up on Saturday, August 16, from 10 to 3. Get in the mix, as we like to say!


Annette said...

Those cards are adorable. Wish I could come to your pop up shop!!

vivi said...

So, so cute and special!!!

Robin said...

They are FAB!!