Thursday, December 4, 2014

Craft Night

Robin of Various and Sunday hosted a very fun craft night this evening for three of us in the 'hood...we made paper Christmas ornaments out of strips of paper, beer or champagne caps, and straws. The one at the top was made by our friend and instructor, Mitch--the girl's got skills!

My first attempt is at the bottom...not quite like hers! (In my defense, part of the problem--but not ALL of the problems!) is that my paper was not stiff enough. I know, I know: that's what SHE said! :) Practice makes...if not perfect, then better.

Fun to eat, drink, laugh, gab, and craft. Thanks, Robin, Mitch, and Alice!


vivi said...

Looks like great fun to me! And they are adorable!

Robin said...

We had fun! Despite the flaccidity issue :) - I do think the vintage colors/images on your paper were lovely!

Robin said...

And one more comment: next time, a bottle of champagne should be added to the mix. Yes?