Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Paper Doll Fun

 So I bought some paper dolls a while back...and I DO plan to list them in my shop...but not until I play with them first! I love this set because of course I wanted to be a ballerina and took many years of dance lessons.
 Guess which one is me?
 Why this one, of course! She looks like me (dark hair, blue eyes), and she has a bird! Perfect.
 Love this outfit...who doesn't want what appear to be three-dimensional chicken appliques on their pants?
 Love this dress, too, with its matching gloves.
And the words "Babs" and "togs" in the same sentence? Oh yeah!

These were obviously well loved and played with, as they most assuredly have been if they'd been mine forty-some years ago.


Annette said...

I loved paper dolls. I would play with them, too, before selling!!

vivi said...

Oh, how you did love me some paper dolls!!! With all the walking, talking, dancing dolls on the market--kids have no idea what they are missing! xo