Thursday, October 20, 2016


 We love pumpkins around here, and we always try to pick out unusual ones. This warty fellow seemed cool. He's been with us for about 4 days.

I came home on Monday and I thought, "Wow, some dog has come up here and peed on this pumpkin!" Then I realized, um, no, the pumpkin is leaking.
I left it, in part to show B. and in part because I thought that disposal of a rotting gourd might be a two-person job (and it was, BTW).

I looked out to see if the mailman had left anything on the porch and saw that the pumpkin had fallen and could not get up (it also had quite a serious leakage problem).

So, EWWWW! It's now in many pieces in the garbage, having turned black and smelling like fermenting vegetal matter. The flies are enjoying the hell out of it...

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vivi said...

I'll say EWWWWWW! (He was interesting though.)