Friday, May 25, 2018

Stuff I Collect Fridays

 For obvious reasons, Fridays are now a very difficult day for blogging. I have blogged about Tallulah Mae on Fridays (and many other days) as long as I have been blogging.

Friday could be just another day, but I am trying out a theme: stuff I collect (and there are MANY things I/we collect, but I will run out of collections much sooner than I ever ran out of pix of my sweet girl).

So: these are clothing brushes, meant to brush the lint, etc., off of your clothes before you set out for the day. The green penguin started the whole thing...I found it at an estate sale; B. has added to my collection over the years. I usually get several each Christmas. Fun! (Yes, some of them are politically incorrect...)

 Judgy ladies are judging you!

1 comment:

vivi said...

Those are so cute! Let's drink to Fridays and
all the beautiful memories. I will especially
think of that sweet girl on Friday!!!