Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Egg Tart Epiphany

People have asked me what some of the most memorable things were about our trip to Hong Kong. On its most basic level, for me, simply traveling that far away was pretty remarkable (I do like my comfort zone!). Some other things that struck me:

1. The fact that spirituality is so prosaic,
so much a part of everyday life.

2. The sheer number of people
who manage to live,
travel, maneuver in very tight spaces.

3. It's cliched, but: the juxaposition of old/new,
rich/poor, modern/ancient.

4. The egg tart. We had one every single day we were there. They are so succulent, so mouth-wateringly delicious that one can't help but just cram them into one's mouth. One day I just stood on a busy sidewalk and stuffed one in, trying not to lose even a single crumb; people flowed around me as I were an island in a river. Ah, egg tart, I dream of you . . .

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