Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Gardening Field Trip

The backyard is in disarray. Half of it was, until recently, nothing but bare earth and some volunteer lemon balm (a veritable army of lemon balminess). And the bay laurel, which is now a tree--how did that happen? Future posts will feature before-and-after shots ...
Anyway, several weekends ago B. and I made a quick trip up to Buena Creek Gardens, a really spectacular nursery north of us. Despite copious lists and consultations with the Sunset Western Garden Book, some rather willy-nilly shopping ensued: "Ooh, ooh, look at that! Such pretty flowers; let's get several." Mistakes were made, by the way; plants were purchased that grow to 10 feet tall, too Jack-and-the Beanstalk-esque for our petite plot. The goal, as always, is drought-tolerant plants that attract bees and butterflies. At left above is our cheery blue cart loaded with plants.
Buena Creek has an amazing assortment of plants, and they display such cleverness in using odds and ends as planters and garden ornaments. Got to LOVE a red rooster.

Lovely succulent goodness.

Rusty file drawers sitting around?
Plant 'em!

Then we capped off the day with cheesy, glorpy nachos and a frosty beer at a restaurant called--wait for it--La Pinata. A good time was had by all!

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