Monday, August 6, 2007

C Is for . . .

* Chickens! I adore chickens, for some odd reason--remember the chicken on my head? My maternal great-grandmother had a small farm in Indiana, and I got to help feed the chickens when we visited. Love 'em!
* Cello. I was given this gorgeous instrument by my husband on my fortieth birthday, and I've been taking lessons ever since. Ah, the cello . . . when well played (and I'm talking by someone other than me!), it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and can make me weep.
* Coffee. I didn't used to be a huge huge drinker of coffee, but after my bout with cancer I consistently crave two things: seaweed (yum! pickled nori, wakame, konbu--it's all good) and coffee. (Caffeine doesn't affect me at all--I can drink a pot of coffee and instantly fall asleep on the couch, usually at the tail end of something I've invested several hours in watching!). And lo and behold: some medical studies indicate that both coffee AND seaweed may have benefits that help fight cancer . . . so bring on the nonfat lattes and the nori salads (but not at the same time).
* Crafting. I do love to make things--knitted things, embroidered things, things made out of felt, things made out of paper. It's a struggle to find the time to devote to it, though . . . I get to the end of a day and am often too tired to start something new. Plus, my wise mother once told me never to start a new project at the end of a day . . . and she's right, because whenever I have, disaster ensues (dropped stitches, didn't read the pattern correctly, entire bins of buttons spill all over the floor, etc.).
* Cookies! Love to bake them, love to eat them. This is one of my favorite recipes (thanks, Martha!).


Robin said...

Okay, so I have had those great cookies that you make (as well as other baked delicious stuff from your kitchen), and the cookies are simply awesome!

Not So Anonymous said...

Or, C is for Cute.