Thursday, August 16, 2007

M Is for . . .

Marriage. I absolutely LOVE being married (to my own sweet B., of course, not just any old husband!). I think it's a little bit miraculous when you manage to find--of all the people in the world--that one person that you really can't wait to see and be with, morning, noon, and night. So, here's to wedded bliss. (OK, Miss D.--probably BOTH Miss Ds--don't roll your eyes too much!)
On a much less important note, "M" is also for Martha Stewart. I loves me some Martha--I've been an ardent fan ever since I first bought Martha Stewart Living way way back when (I've since acquired the coveted No. 1 issue, making mine a complete set), and I still love the magazine and its spinoffs. I used to love the TV show, too; when it first came on, it was on at 5 am on Sunday mornings in LA, so we'd record it and then watch it later over Sunday breakfast. I adored the segments filmed at some gorgeous farm or at the studio of someone who made quilts or baskets or sleigh bells. Unfortunately, I can't abide the new show (post prison). The studio audience is off-putting, and the celebrities--ack. I don't need to see Carol Channing making cupcakes or Regis Philbin stuffing a turkey. Really, I don't. So, alas, my Martha habit is confined to printed media these days. I do still love her, though . . . Go, Martha, go!

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Dawn said...

This Miss D may be rolling her eyes but but she also appreciates the good marriages that many of her friends have.

I agree about Martha. I tried watching the new show once. It was painful and had none of the charm of the pre-incarceration show.