Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Look What I Got! In the Mail! Yippee!

We get a LOT of packages, envelopes, and parcels delivered to Chez Foziewisp because one of us--and it's not me, by the way--is a collector of many things; I've become very close with the FedEx guy and the UPS gal. Packages come most every day, but they're hardly ever for me. (Picture me: sad-eyed and empty-handed. Sigh.)

So imagine my utter delight when an outwardly innocuous-looking envelope arrived in the mail from my friend Susan. I was thrilled before I even opened it, but I may actually have squealed when I saw this little bundle o' goodness. Check it out: Orange polka dots AND yellow gingham AND ribbon that looks like a measuring tape?! No way! For me?! Thanks EVER so much Miss Susan (and, I think, Miss Erin). You're WAY too sweet . . .


Anonymous said...

I'll have to see to it that YOU get a few more packages!


my two cents said...

Glad it arrived safely and you like it!! We found it at Road to California Quilt Show in January and thought of you immediately. It was meant to be sent for your birthday, but I couldn't find it at the time. (It had been safely tucked into a drawer!) Enjoy!