Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rooby Roo Purse

This lovely, ladylike purse was purchased at an estate sale--the price was very good (though not "I'm dancing away clutching it to my chest" good). The handle and clasp are a faux tortoiseshell plastic (lucite?). What I love about it is that it looks totally appropriate next to this lovely Staffordshire china teacup (one from my mom's collection, which she has sweetly passed on to me) . . .
. . . and next to my cellphone. Timeless! Actually, it very much resembles this purse, by Kate Spade (which is currently on sale, marked down from $395 to $296). I also found this purse, by the same manufacturer--cute purse, but $295?

It's a "Shaggee of California"--all I can think of is this guy, of course, hence the title of this post ... Zoinks!


my two cents said...

Love the tea cup!!

Lori said...

Saaaweeeet purse! I would have wrestled you for it if I'd found that estate sale (: Rut-roh! Is Miss Mae a Scooby fan?