Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Roamin' to Ramona

Last Friday Miss Robin and I set out for Ramona, specifically, the Ramona Fairgrounds. Our destination? A craft and collectible fair.
Ramona is pleasantly rural. On the way there, we saw goats (I lurve goats!!). And rusty horse trailers. And a lineup of mailboxes.

Main Street Ramona has a mix of little shops, the Guy B. Woodward Museum, and the Turkey Inn (from the outside, it seems to be a thoroughly authentic place to have a beer and a cigarette before 10 AM, as evidenced by the woman we saw out front when we drove by). Ramona apparently used to be known as the Turkey Capital of the World (!), hence the name of the joint.
The craft/collectible fair was fun, a mix of things (jewelry, plants, and yes, some geese wearing bows around their necks). I took a few photos but was then told photography was not allowed.

They were selling lovely plants, and this so-called hummingbird moth was having a wonderful time sampling them all. (He was very hard to photograph because as their name suggests, they move like hummingbirds--absolutely fascinating.)

At the fair we sampled utterly delish breads baked at Belen Bakery in Escondido, up the road, which is owned by a young couple. Everything we sampled was so good that we decided to go to the bakery itself for lunch, so we did. In Escondido we also found Peterson's Donut Corner, where the yummy donuts were all arrayed on metal racks. Did we have one? No. Do I fervently wish that we had? Yes!

We hit a few thrift stores and then headed home. A fun day was had by all!!

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vivi said...

Are you sure you were not in KY????Looks like some of the roads down there. HIM says he will have to take you by the "goat farm" the next time you are over! XXXXXX