Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Avocado Green, But No Harvest Gold

Check out these absolutely picture-perfect avocados. I mean, really--that is the illustration next to "perfectly ripe avocado" in the dictionary. They were grown, perfectly, by B.'s perfectly lovely and charming executive assistant. The perfect liquid in the pit pit? That's perfectly yummy olive oil, of course. Mmmmm...perfect!

They perfectly match our avocado (actually, it's really more sage-y) breakfast nook table and banquette. They do not match the black, white, and brindle dog, who is demonstrating perfectly here the art of passive-aggressive begging. For a bite of avocado. Or a drop of olive oil. Or a speck of pepper. Perhaps a grain of salt?


vivi said...

The perfectly wonderful TM is saying "If my grandma was here--I would get a speck of something or get to lick her fingers!!!XXXXX

Robin said...

Yumm-ola! That avo looks dee-licious. Now, if I were sitting at the nook, Mae would step right up and eat off my plate!