Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet Pea-ony

This post is for my friend who leaves sweet comments as My Two Cents: your favorite flowers are MY faves, too! Here we have another peony (alas, they're gone now from Trader Joe's) ...
Le sweet peas--I planted seeds this year, like I always do, and nada. I'm blaming it on the gophers (all gardening disasters are henceforth blamed on the gophers). I did have two volunteer plants come up from last year, and I put in a six-pack of sweet peas, because I love them so. For months, nothing. Finally, about three weeks ago, sweet peas! Nothing like I've had in the past--I'm used to cutting whole trugs full of them, every day--but even a few make me smile.

A garden rose, which can apparently defy gravity (twice Blogger published this photo like this, even though it's horizontal in my photo album. Sigh.).

And an impressionistic photo of wisteria, the closest I could come to lilac. Too bad this post isn't equipped with Scratch-'N'-Sniff!

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