Friday, June 13, 2008

Tallulah-Palooza Friday

You know the Elvis song "Trouble" (link plays video)? "If you're looking for trouble/You came to the right place/If you're looking for trouble/Just look right in my face..."

Well, this is Miss Tallulah's "trouble face." This means she either has been or will soon be a) whirling like a dervish; b) tossing socks and shoes in the air; c) nipping at your heels and trying to herd you (she does have Cardigan Welsh Corgi in her lineage--really!!); d) dipping into a play bow while barking at the top of her lungs; e) all of the above.

You have been warned . . .


vivi said...

ORRRRRR-I want to cew lightly on my grandma's wrist!!!! Love you XXXXX

vivi said...

Whoops!! Did not spell CHEW right. And this is going to an editor. Love you again.