Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Heart Equines

While we were in Texas we had the great pleasure of visiting the small ranch owned by B.'s brother and his wife. There, we met six of the most sweet members of the equus family--all of them were friendly and let us pet them, except for one. Above are Toby and Butterscotch, miniature horse siblings. TOO darling, yes? That's Gloria on the left (she was a bit standoffish) and Desi on the right--they're mother and daughter donkeys. This is Ty, a gorgeous paint...and he's the boss of this horsey group. And this is Skip, the senior in the group at 20 years old (apologies here to my sister-in-law, who was mortified that the animals had been rolling in the mud and thus, the state of their manes. To me, it just means they'd been having a rollicking good time!). Now, close your eyes and imagine that you're stroking those velvety nostrils and inhaling that incredibly sweet horse smell. Ahhh...

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